Karelian Vahinkopalvelut Oy



About Us

We are a North Karelian company specializing in mapping, drying and repairing construction damage. We work with insurance companies as well as property managers and the public sector.  Our experience in the field is 80 years.

Our services

We deal with water, storm, fire and other sudden damage to buildings. We also offer standard renovation services according to the customer's needs and plans. Our other services include e.g.  building condition reports, moisture measurements and cost calculations.

Damage management begins with a damage survey, which determines the cause and extent of the damage and the follow-up measures. The repair work will restore the damaged facilities and structures to the level before the damage. In the event of water damage, wet structures, such as concrete-slabs, are mechanically dried. A cost statement is prepared for the repairs, which is submitted to the insurance company and the insured. The calculation is made on the basis of the damage mapping report and is refined after demolition work.

At the sites, we act as the main contractor. We carry out the work on a turnkey basis, you just choose the materials and colors you like. Our foremen organize the work and take care of customer contacts. Skilled employees are used in the work and our supervisors monitor the quality of the work.

If an accident happens…

... prevent the damage from spreading. Acute leakage should be closed or repaired (call a plumber or home service) and take other necessary damage control measures, such as draining loose water or protecting structures. All damaged and replaced parts should be retained for damage inspection. File a claim with your insurance company or property manager. You can also order a damage survey directly from us, either via the contact form or by calling.

The commissioning of the repairs comes from the insurance company or directly from the owner or property manager. The foreman reviews with the customer the work related to the damage and the limitations regarding substitutions and liveability, the materials to be used, the costs and schedule, as well as any change requests. A contract / order is prepared for the repair work.

The repair work area is partitioned by plastic walls and under-pressurized relative to the surrounding spaces to prevent the spread of dust. The contaminated exhaust air is usually led out. The negative pressure is used throughout the repair work and thus removes airborne contaminants.

The structures are mechanically dried using heating panels, air movers, air injection drying systems or dehumidifiers. The drying method and the equipment used are selected according to the extent of the damage. The drying time is evaluated during the installation of the dryer. After drying, the humidity of the structures is measured and a final measurement report is prepared, which also indicates the electricity consumption of the dryers.